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Rodeo Schedule

Noon: Bullfry Breakfast
1:00pm: Tot Bull Run
2:00pm: Steer Wrestling
3:30: The Scrotettes - An All-Male High Kick Musical Revue
4:15pm: Maya Angelou Sings The National Anthem
4:30pm: Bull Riding
5:00pm: Ball Drop with Lucy Perkins, Age 8
5:20pm: Team Roping
5:45pm: Pig Shaving
6:10pm: Deep Fried Eating Contest
7:00pm: Bareback Riding
8:00pm: BBQ
9:00pm: Prayer Service
10:00pm: Square Dancing
Ballsville Town Hall 525 Rodeo Street, Ballsville, TX 02482
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
City sponsored by Ballsville Beef Parts
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